Embracing The Divine Feminine

First off, I want to say Hi and Welcome to my site.

I want to start off by saying this is my personal blog and I usually document thoughts on Spirituality, Holistic Lifestyle, and just Thoughts. I am an Eclectic Spiritual person. I dive into all kinds of religious texts and beliefs and what speaks to me, I keep and what doesn’t…. Well we know the story. I am very happy to say things about the Divine Feminine. The Divine Masculine is beautiful and I love how things operate with Him. However, the Divine Feminine is also present and She doesn’t get any Love at all. She is oppressed and no one wants to respect her.

The fact that there is a female counterpart means that there is a Divine Feminine Present. She works in the shadows most of the time and supports the Masculine by helping him with whatever He needs. Men seem to go in head first and don’t necessary think things through. Unless it is the Supreme Creator. Now I’m going to contradict myself. What if I told you that there is a Divine Feminine inside of all of us. I know you are like, yeah I know that already. But the saying is so true. The qualities of emotions, intuitions, psychic abilities are all in the Feminine qualities. We all rely on our instincts to know whether or not something is good for us. When we don’t listen we pretty much regret it.

The Divine Feminine is very Beautiful. If you sit back and listen, She will speak. You just have to be open to her. The Divine Mother in Hindu Text is very powerful. Many rely on her for prosperity, wealth, and Divine Wisdom. Call upon her to have Wisdom. She loves to talk about it and loves to give you insight on wisdom. Whether its through live changes or just profound thoughts. Question things that doesn’t seem right to you. Open your mind to new possibilities. We can all gain spiritual growth though. Knowledge and Divine Overstanding.

So please include the Divine Feminine in your life. She will make great changes in you. More than you will ever know.

Be Blessed.

The Moon Enchantress.


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