A Melanated World

The world that we live in is so surprising. I look at all of the different colors and how the world is so melanated. Even the night sky. I’m amazed that everything is rich of beauty all around us. In Genesis, God said lets create men in our image. What does that mean? Well if you look at the sky nearly 90% of it is Dark. There are sparks of light all around us. That light up the way but the majority of it is dark. As above so below. The people are most likely going to be dark as well.

How beautiful is that. Now it does not only refer to brown or black pigments. It could mean the color of trees, flowers, plants and animals. When a leaf is new it becomes light green but after a while… after the rays of the sun hit and mature, the plants reach a darker green. Same goes for plants like Collard Greens, Kale, Turnips, and even other leaves. Yes it’s true that there are some trees lighter than others; but with maturity they color to their full potential. Same for people.

No one is better than the other. Humbling is important. I’m just speaking on the colors of the world. How everything is beautiful in their own colors. To me, I think Melanin or darker pigments should be equally appreciated. By society they have their own beauty standards. They have their reasons I guess. Most of the time, I’m against society because they always go against what is natural and have what is unnatural… well natural.

You want to know why the world is so melanated? Well, in order to survive the rays of the Sun, a dark shade is to be required. It doesn’t mean that its of poor financial status. It doesn’t mean to look down upon. It’s not ugly. It’s very beautiful, and should be treated as such.

I am confused by society and delighted by this world. Why go against what God/Goddess has in store for us. When I think of the things that are unnatural… I think of things that are crazed. Out of Balance. It those things will destroy themselves in the end. It can only be there for a while and them there is nothing left.

We are learning everyday. We experience something new. Just don’t forget the colors when you go outside tonight, today or tomorrow. Because colors have meanings and colors are expressive. The Earth is very expressive. She wants us to hear her. She wants to show us her beauty. Always remember that.

Be Blessed.


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