Society: The Rebellious Child

What does it mean to be a rebellious child….

It means to go against everything the parent says right. Only to end up in a heap of trouble later. So here’s the deal…

Society is a rebellious child. They think that everything they make is beautiful and right. However, in reality, it’s going against everything God/Goddess has set in the Heavens and the Earth. Everything is set in materials. Nothing is real anymore. Nothing is natural. So how is it right? Well, they choose what they think is right.

Who? you ask.

The elitist.

The superior people who run the world. Not many people think they exist but they do. They exist. They pull all the strings. Only a few people are “woke” to it. However, I think society is a cry for help. They picked a group of people that don’t belong anywhere and have them as the top seller for their products. Everyone generally wants that dream and chases after it only to know that it was never for them in the first place.

They have media that will tell them that this is the correct way to talk, to think, to act, to feel, and to be “human”. To my knowledge, I never thought that there was a right way to talk, to think, to act, to feel and to be “human”. Last time I checked Human means “God” man. So men should be godlike. Not materialistic. This is not about who has the best things in life but how you live your life. Do you prefer the natural or the unnatural?

Times are changing. I notice that natural is shifting for all of us. Natural remedies and practices that was considered taboo and had people burned at the stake for doing in the old times. Now it’s a trend. That comes from people who are never satisfied with themselves. They always looking for something new. They are always looking for an identity. So they try to copy others. All because they feel like their identity is not good enough.

The rebellious child will always try anything and everything to destroy what their parents deem to be. The rebellious child will cling on to what he or she has made for themselves only to find out that it will destroy them in the end. Nothing is worth dying for. At least materialistic. I write this because everyone need to know who the rebellious child is. Everyone need to know that what he or she is doing is not right. It is destroying the Earth. It is harming others. There is no justice in what is being done. This is a corrupt system.

Be Blessed.


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