Living Healthy

What does it mean to live Healthy?

Well, I tend to aim towards a vegan lifestyle myself. I encourage everyone to live a vegan lifestyle. However, its up to a person way of living. I say live by what the soul says. I think its nonsense to tell parents that they are starving their children when they put them on a veggie based diet. Parents have to right to parent their children the way they want to. We all strive to be healthy. I encourage everyone to have a Holistic approach. A holistic approach is someone looking to make their mind, body, and soul be one. So if you have a physical problem, it can affect the mind because it will ponder on it and the soul will be burden by it.

Thus causing confusion and frustration to the person. To lessen this we need to be as healthy as we can. Also encourage each other. I don’t like how the vegan community talks down to meat eaters. Allow them to grow. If they are interested in it. Educate on the subject and allow curiosity to do the rest. Plant a seed in their mind and if they want to grow, they will do their own research.

I think what we eat can have a huge effect on the soul. The reason why I am vegetarian is that animal flesh is hard to digest and the hormones don’t agree with my body. So I don’t personally take it in. Plus I love animals. I’ll be a hypocrite to eat my animal friends that I love so much. So plants are very important in my diet. God and Goddess gave every green herb to eat so for that reason, I’m going to eat it. Its in other religious text too. So it goes with my spiritual views. So for that reason, I eat fruits and veggies.

Just know that these are my thoughts and I don’t judge anybody. I encourage you to try to incorporate fruits and veggies in your diet. However, I’m not going to tell you HOW TO EAT! That is solely on you. I don’t interfere with free will. I also encourage you to leave fast food joints alone. I know its hard and I struggle with it myself. All because of its high “convenience”.  But eventually, I will be able to stop and learn to grow and develop personal, spiritual, and holistic health.


Be Blessed.


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