One Love… One Love

Hi Guys,

I’m back. Did you miss me? Probably Not. But here’s a thought that has been in my mind. When we think of One Love, we think about the Rastafarians, Reggae, and spreading love to other people. Some people will probably think about the stereotypical stuff that comes to Rastas about the weed smoking. I’m not against it. I just don’t do it. Everyone has free will to do whatever they want to do. So I support free will as well as the other Universal Laws that are out there.

When I think of One Love I think about the whole entire ecosystem. Loving Nature. Being One Soul; One Heartbeat. This is what we must see. The corrupted systems all around have been really messing up our minds and we have the “Me First” Mentality. The “As Long As It’s Not Me” Attitude. So we have to spread love. If we don’t then the whole ecosystem will fall. Plant a plant, turn to energy efficient appliances, and go green.

We should love one another. All religions say that. Regardless of what background you are in. We should love one another. If one falls, we all fall. Lets share the love today. Be sincere with someone. Because in this cold world, no one knows what that means anymore. So lets share some love with each other. Unity is what we need. Division leads to death; but Unity can lead to liberation.


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