Be A Free Spirit

It’s time to kick those shoes off your feet and run in the sand on the beach.

Everyday we have problems when it comes down to living free. We have bills. We have to spend our time adulting. We have to be boring because of what society wants us to be. Enough is Enough. This is our lives. We have the free will to live the way  we want. Why must we have labels for everything. We need to have fun. Since when we need a people to tell us when to take a vacation and how we spend our money on things. We have free will to do what we want.

We have enough people in our ear about what we are not doing in the world. What about what we ARE doing? Don’t we get any respect as human beings for that? Can we be looked at for being humans? Do you have to ask what’s my clock-in number? My Birth number? My school number? My phone number? My credit score? Hello? Can someone ask for my name for once? Have any of you guys ever felt that?

We are humans. We are living breathing organisms. We have feelings. We are not robots! Why should be have to lay down our birth certificates, marriage certificates or any other certificate to prove or have approval to do something? How about we do these things because we feel like it. We marry because we are in love. We are here because of a beautiful natural creative energy brought us here. We have this earth to explore. We have dreams because we want to achieve things.

That is something I will never understand for as long as I live. Then there is buying food. Food is suppose to be for free. We shouldn’t tax or even put a price tag on food and water. I mean come on. This is not living. This is struggling. We are nomadic beings we should be able to explore. Learn from people from other places or from different cultures. We got to live. We got to feel again. Our spirits are being crushed by a system that proves to no longer work anymore. This is not living. Our lives are not to be documented by other people. Judged by other people or mocked by other people. That’s why we have free will.

Free will to do what we want. Free will to make our OWN decisions. There is no proper way to live. There is only one way to live. That is your OWN way of life. We come from all walks of live and everyone is on their own unique journey and we should all be able to live the way we want to. No governments involved. Sorry for the rant but it just burns me up that no one can enjoy life the way they want to.

Man! Let us live!

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  1. Loving this so much I have taken the liberty of tweeting it and too thank you for a wee upbeat in the afternoon


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