Who Says You’re Not Beautiful!?

Really? Who says that?

Beauty is not what someone looks like on the outside. Sure there are preferences but there are people who’s outside beauty matches social standards; but their horrible people in the inside. Beauty derives from the inside. Your personality is what makes you beautiful. Remember the imperfections that people have picked on you about? Well there is someone out there that wishes they had those things.

For instance? Skin color. Someone makes fun of others for having darker skin but you know there is someone that wishes they had that skin color to prevent skin cancer. Hate your height? There is someone that wants that height so they can play basketball? Talent like writing, singing and creating? There are others wishing they had that talent to make their life meaningful. What if someone made fun of how assertive you are? Or aggressive you can be when you want to protect someone you love? There is someone out there that wishes they have that aggression to do the same or stand up for themselves.

Bottom line is you have to be accepting to who you are. You are unique and out of billions of people out there there is no one that is just like you. No one is going to think exactly like you. You are your own unique blueprint in this world. So don’t feel bad about your scars called “imperfections”. You are made exactly how God and Goddess wants you to be. You don’t need the world to accept you. To be honest the world can barely accept themselves. That rings true to some people out there.

People can say what they want to but you are beautiful. You have to say that to yourself. I say it to you:


“You are Beautiful!!”

“Don’t worry about what other people think or say about you. They don’t live in your shoes. They don’t know about your struggles. They don’t know how hard you work everyday to achieve your own greatness. “

           Skin Color? Hair? Facial Features? Cultural Customs? Insecurities? Religion? Scars? Pain? All of those things. Make them a distant memory. It’s hard to spread love if you cannot spread love to yourself. Love Yourself. Be the best version of yourself. Dream Big and Go Long. You have what it takes to take you journey to new heights. And you just need yourself. You don’t need a crowd. Just Yourself and of course God/Goddess. You are here in this world to achieve greatness to be an inspiration to someone.

          It’s true that you can be someone’s inspiration. If someone is making fun of you and saying these bad things just remember you have your biggest fans. It can be your parents, your children, your best friends, and even strangers that can resonate with your frequencies. So vibrate to your highest potential. Be the best version of yourself because you don’t know who you are going to inspire. And that alone makes you beautiful!


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