Energy of the Tao

I’m back. I’m sure I wasn’t missed. Besides, I’m just now getting started on this blog and my thoughts are just know developing on text screen.

Anyways. I find it on my spare time that I have created a New Moon Journey for myself. New Moon means a new month. New adventures to start. This journey that I am taking is having a step deeper into the Divine energies. Both the Masculine and the Feminine. What better way to talk about that other than the Tao.

In Taoism, there is light and dark to everything. Things that are positive in nature and things that are negative in nature. These are the things that run this earth. Polarity is what controls the universe right now. And they are clashing each and everyday. Positive energy doesn’t force itself on others. Instead it generates new energy. Negative elements seem to force itself on others and that is how things usually go. One cannot exist without the other. So why is it that we need negative energy?

“Negative Energy or the ‘Dark’ Elements are what brings about logic. It prevents one to jump into things like a fool. The Dark elements explore things that are hidden or unseen.”

               For instance, one could not want to live life in social terms. If he/she is invited, they could say no. Thus casting a negative/dark overtone to the conversation. What can be considered positive to one person could be considered negative to the next. Just depends on what that person is doing. However, there are limits to what one does. If one is too positive, it can cause a disservice to themselves. If one is too negative, that can lead to a path of destruction. So it is very important that you live your lives in balance.

                This balance doesn’t have to be perfect but it can be “befitting” to your standards. Balance yourselves through meditation and invite those energies into your life. Don’t be afraid.

                 I find myself working with Yang energy right now in this month. I have lots and lots of Yin Energy and its hard for me to incorporate anything positive because I’m constantly thinking about the possibilities of something not going right. That is something that I need to fix. Preferably though meditation and talking a good look deep inside myself; try to find out why I am this way.

                 I encourage you to do the same. Look deep inside yourself and discover yourself. Maybe there is something we missed or maybe met a side that we haven’t met before. It’s amazing and enchanting what we find. I say:

“Let’s Explore.”

Be Blessed.


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