I’m not talking about purity rings or anything like that. The purity I want to focus on are tendencies that are childlike. I want to say that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having childlike tendencies. To be honest, I having a child like tendencies to sit down and watch cartoons. Nothing wrong with live action but I prefer a cartoon over watching live action. To me its light-hearted. Unless you give me a wholesome film. I will watch those. Spiritual films too.

God/Goddess usually want us to delight in the things they created for us. They love to see us engage in things dealing with nature. We seem to be utterly amazed when we find something new and want to know more about it. Children are curious. Then when we get older. Then the responsibility of becoming an adult would be placed on us.

I’m going to be honest:

“We are NEVER adults. We will always be babies in this universe so it’s important to know that.”

Nothing ever changes. We still have those in this world that are considered class clowns, the loners, the preps, the jocks, the nerds, and every other label that is out there. What are we striving for? The only thing that’s different is the fact that money is involved. We still have assignments or bills that we have to make these uncanny “deadlines” or “suffer the consequences.” I’m like really? I don’t know about you guys but we shouldn’t have to pay to live on Earth. I’m being honest.

Sure they can give us incentives (for being good girls and boys) like that bonus or fancy toys like cars from hot wheels and a new dollhouse; but after a while you start to question whether or not its worth it. Trouble makers get suspended from society by being in jail for doing something bad. Back then, I thought we had a great police system in America but I see that it has fallen by the waist side because no cop wants to stop the real bad guys. They want to shoot unarmed “bad” guys. Nice job “superheroes”.

This may offend people but I want you guys to give it some serious thought. How is this different from school? What does it mean to truly be an adult?

My Honest Opinion:

             “What classifies us as an Adult is the fact that we can reproduce. Children cannot reproduce at their age. They don’t even care about that. They only care about certain things that appeal to them at that moment. When you become an “Adult” you still care about what appeals to you at that moment. Only difference is you might want to share your live with someone. I’m not saying that its the case all the time but it does go across our minds every now and then.”

How does that make us any different from any other species from the face of the Earth?

My Honest Opinion:

Absolutely NOTHING! We are no different from any other species from the face of this Earth. Sad hurtful truth, right? It’s true. I wouldn’t be saying this if it wasn’t true.

Okay Enchantress where are you going with this?

                  What I’m saying is:

“It’s okay to have a mind of a child. It’s okay to be childish sometimes. LIVE! Don’t let society tell you what you can and cannot do. It’s really time for this empire to be over with in the first place. I’m saying go out and explore. Find something new. Do the things that you enjoy. Even as a “Child”. Go out there and let the universe know that you are ALIVE!!”

          I hope this wasn’t confusing. I did get off topic some but the message is still out there in this blog entry.

Be Blessed Guys.



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