This is just a quick thought. It’s about Yoga. I noticed that Yoga is loosing it’s finesse and grace. When we think about Yoga, what really pops into our minds? Well, if I was an American just now knowing encountering Yoga, I would think some type of exercise.  Luckily, I thought it had more meaning than just being an exercise routine.

Yoga is more than exercise. It’s combining elements of mind, body and spirit. It is being one with all of the living beings that are on this planet. It gives you a perspective and deeper meaning than what any western exercise can do for us. Yes, Yoga is good for the body. It will tone and shape you. However, with meditation, Yoga has you asking deep questions. Who am I? Where did I come from? Is there a Higher Power(God/Goddess)? If so, how can I connect with this Higher Power (God/Goddess)?

Yoga is culture. Yes, it influences people from all around the world. However, there should be homage paid where it need to be due. That goes for all culture. I notice that there are a lot of things that are taken out of context and should be returned to its rightful place. Yoga is a prayer and it should be treated as such. Yoga is Sacred. Yoga is Powerful. Lets not forget that next time any of us hit a yoga session or decide to do yoga at home. Yoga is a holistic approach. Lets continue to push forward with Yoga helping us reach self realization.

Be Blessed.


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