Follow Your Dreams…Follow Your Heart

I was meditating. In then I realized something. The funny thing is it was nothing new. However, I want to talk about it. It’s about following your heart. I think when we are living day to day or paycheck to paycheck; we lose a piece of ourselves. Our parents want the best for us and may push you into a field that you don’t want to take. Or maybe you are in a field you don’t want to be in. There are doubts that go into the mind.

For instance, “You are too old to pursue that. Just go with this field you are already in plus you can support yourself.” Or, “Wow you want to do that. Great! But you know that there isn’t a lot of money in that field right?” There is always that little demon on your shoulder that just wants to wreck every dream you ever had and tell you a millions of things why its not right for you or how it can be a HUGE fail.

I am constantly like that. When I was younger I wanted to be a Doctor. I wanted to help people with their ailments. Then I moved to a new town in elementary school. Didn’t like it and my grades started to fail. Then I realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere so I decided to do great in school. When I got into high school, I really loved Anime and Manga. Then I met a friend. She and I had lots of things in common. In that short length of time because of peer pressure. (I was an excellent writer and artist) I realized that my dream started to fade and take on a dream that wasn’t mine. Instead, I ended up chasing my friend’s dream. (She wanted to be a manga artist.)

Now, I’m stumbling on something that wasn’t my dream to chase. I ended up getting a degree in a field I had no interest in and the worst part of it all was I couldn’t get any journalism jobs because I had an Associate’s Degree. I realized that I could have easily pursued the Dream of Anime and Manga WITHOUT a degree. My mom told me that my writing would get better and it did. So it wasn’t a huge waste of time.

I went in debt over something that didn’t make me happy. I felt like I was a HUGE failure. I hated everything around me. I didn’t want to be apart of anything. I hated how people, who were chasing their dreams, ran down the isle of life with love and laughter. Then I realized that it wasn’t their fault. I had to own up to my mistake. You know what? I noticed that mistakes are common and no one is perfect. I had to understand that because it wasn’t registering in my earlier years. I also realized that it’s not too late to chase your dreams. As long as you got breath in your body, you can achieve anything you want.

I don’t regret my Journalism Degree that much anymore. Instead, I can use it to write better stories as a hobby. However, I am going to dive deeper into the world of Philosophy and hopefully get into Medical School. I’m going to pursue my dream of becoming a Doctor. I just can seem to stay away from ailments that are causing people trouble and trying to find ways to stop it. I am a huge health freak. I can’t help it. I also like to dive into problems in the world as a whole and try to bring awareness to people. Thus the whole point of this website.

The whole point of this blog is to go after what will make YOU happy! Not your parents, not that little devil that sits on your shoulders barking commands, and not no one that’s trying to tell you how to live YOUR life. Go after those dreams. If you want to sing? Sing! If you want to write a book? Self-Publish! If you want to run a business? Look into your options! If you have this awesome idea that you want to share with the world? Go for it! Just be sure to patent or copyright your idea. The point is to live your life with no regrets. Life is far too short to worry about what other people think and to be living in fear.

Fear is a form of control. Don’t let other people control you. Always live freely and always be kind. That’s why we are here. To make a difference in this world and to do what we want!

Be Blessed.


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