Vibrate To Your Potential

We go through this world where there isn’t hardly any originality. Instead there are robots everywhere. Everything defined by social status. Everything just the same and bland. I encourage you to vibrate on a higher scale. Especially those who know they can vibrate higher than what society expects. You have a lot of potential in you. Your spirit knows it and its crying out to you saying: “GO OUT THERE AND SHOW EVERYONE HOW YOU DO THINGS!”

Everybody has style. A style that no one has seen before. A personality no one has meet before. Talents that haven’t been expressed before. I have seen people do amazing things. No one can completely xerox another. Yes there is influence out there. However, there are many people who are not really looking for spiritual things or looking for a deeper meaning. The God/Goddess will call you out and tell you: “Hey, I chose you among the rest! Go out there and give it your best shot. You have the talent and I personally gave it to you. Now inspire people!”

It’s a tough job trying to use your talent to send positive vibrations when you know that there is always something negative around the corner. However, we must be strong. In 2012, there was so much positive vibes; so much love. Now people are dropping like flies. I’m wondering what happened. Now its back to sleep? No. Not for me. I know life is suppose to be better than this. We are made in the image after God/Goddess. Humans are highly thought of on planet Earth. We were made to vibrate at a higher vibration.

We let the influences of low vibration creatures that we cannot see I may add, and make a mockery out of us. Why is that? Negative forces don’t want to see you happy. They want you destroyed. It’s the ugly truth but someone has to tell it. Negative forces are great deceivers and love to camouflage in our thoughts and will most likely shape as “The Seven Deadly Sins”. That’s why it’s important to do the work.

Give to charity. I highly recommend homeless shelters. Help the fatherless, and the widowed. Let people know, who are less fortunate, that you care. Yes, they are going to be skeptical and yes there are going to be some who are not very accepting towards help. (Most of the time, they hate that they are in this predicament in their lives. That’s why they are reluctant to have help.) All you can do is be genuine. Spread the Love because this world is in DESPERATE NEED!! Teach others. New Age teachings are absolutely right about example. People actually pay attention to what you are doing and will mimic. So with that in mind please be a great example to them. Remember you are there greatest teacher.

Also note on example… There are some who are inspired and want to live that lifestyle and there are some that are going to ridicule it. That’s because their true spirit is not good. They on that negative vibe and they be on it hard. So let that roll down your back. Like Bruce Lee says:

“Be Water My Friend.”

Be Blessed Guys!


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