I also learned as I do my Yang Rituals this month, I feel more gratitude towards the small things. I am also learning to laugh when life decides to throw me a curve ball. Key word is Learning. I have lots of anger in me when life does that. That just means that I am still attached to worldly things and I need to let go. By all means don’t be like me. I get mad over the slightest things sometimes. I’m going off subject but this will be a short entry because we all know that this has been said many times before.

Lets show gratitude for the things we have. I can be hard when we focus on things that we don’t have and get jealous over those things. No need to have envy fill up our minds. We have a lot to be grateful for. We have families that love us. We have goals that we have fulfilled. We have life. That’s the most important part we should be grateful for. When, we show gratitude for the things that we have, our lives start to get a little lighter and we don’t have the extra stress that is on our bodies.  The anxiety to do better or to try harder is not weighed upon us.

When envy settles in we have lots and lots of things that stress out our mental, spiritual and emotional. After a while, we try to mimic that person we see and then we end up… well… ill. Whether it be mentally or physically. I’m not saying we will have a mental illness but we can have very uncomfortable thoughts that go into our psyche and makes us very vulnerable to psychic attacks by people or even spirits from another realm. When we show gratitude, we let the universe know that we are happy with the things that we have.

Buddha once said to end suffering is to end desire. Gratitude falls in that category. When we stop trying to keep up with the Jones’s, we liberate our minds and our souls and we see the uniqueness in ourselves. Sounds crazy right? But gratitude will show help us grow spiritually and live a prosperous life. Not prosperous as wealthy as the Christian churches have told us. However, prosperous as in longevity. Living a long life. In Hebrew, prosperity means ease. So a life with no difficulty. Basically Hakuna Matata.

Don’t worry about trying to live someone else’s success. You are already successful. If you are living your life and can eat, sleep, have a roof over your head, and connecting with the Divine Love that is on this Earth everyday, then you are living a successful life. Remember. To live a spiritual life doesn’t mean to live a rich one. Okay? May the God/Goddess Bless You with a long prosperous life.

Be Blessed.



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