The Road Less Traveled

The title speaks a million words. Each road has a destination. Each road has it’s appealing rest stops. Each road has companions. There is a road that is luxurious. Has everything you could ever wish for. However, it has a lot to do with cardinal things. Then there is the less appealing road to your right. This road may not have flashy pit stops but it does go on for miles and miles. It can take you give you a very trustworthy companions. The God and Goddess.

Deep down it all boils down to which road you want to take. Do you want to take the cardinal road or the spiritual road. Do you prefer a carpool worth of friends or do you want Friends that will be there for you for a lifetime. I chose the path less traveled. I couldn’t relate to the cardinal road. Every time I try to go down that path and make friends, it would end up in total disaster. So I went down this road and went through several religions and then I finally found God. He approached me after I was so confused and seeked His guidance. Then I met the Goddess. So I have lifetime Friends that I know will be there with me forever.

I will tell you that the path is very lonely. It’s hard to relate to people in this plane. Then I realized that they can be here today and gone tomorrow. Life here on Earth is so short. However, that doesn’t mean that our soul will not live forever. I do encourage you to take the road less traveled. It may not be the best road. It may not be paved. It may be rocky and give you many bruises of ridicule of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical conflict over the years. However, the getting through it all. Saying that you made it through the hardships and gone through major changes in your life. That is rewarding.

We are really beyond the tangible things in life. Don’t get caught up in it. Rise above it and take your crown at the end of the road.

Be Blessed.


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