Lets talk about Chakras. From the Root to the Crown, these are very important energy centers. I use to think that they weren’t doing anything for my health until recently. I’m dealing with some struggles that make me very vulnerable towards psychic attacks and tuning the chakra areas work wonders. I highly advise everyone to try it. I love it.

My main problem happens in all higher chakra points. All of my Chakras are imbalanced but I really have problems with my higher centers. When I started tuning them. I realized that I could have done this years ago when I was going through psychic attacks and causing me to go through deep depression and turmoil within myself.

I don’t want to experience that again. For those who want an explanation on chakras and what chakras are, here is a link right here:

The Seven Chakra Points

I realized that tuning the Chakras are very good for you and so are the chakra chants as well. There is a YouTube Channel that is called “Meditative Mind” and they have lots of meditations that are great for you and plenty on chakras. The link is right here for their channel:

Meditative Mind Channel

I am telling you as I read Indian Philosophy and Indian Spirituality. There is a lot of truth in them. So don’t pass up on some opportunities to learn more about it. If you tune your chakras, you will see a difference in how you act and your perspective on things. There will be a positive outlook.

Besides, I’m the type of person that will look at all religious text and read them and not pass judgement because that’s what society wants. Yes we may have differences on things but we have similarities as well. Every Culture is worthy of respect. So lets learn from each other.

Be Blessed.


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