Relationships With God/Goddess

I have been looking for creative ways to actually connect with the God/Goddess. I find myself having a more personal relationship with my God more than with my Goddess. I hope she is not angry with me. I just tend to connect more on the Divine Masculine. Maybe because he is mysterious and I’m trying to find out what our relationship is like. Sometimes I am left confused. My Goddess is very straightforward and will let me know when I’m slipping up. I love her though. She keeps me on my toes.

So I did some research on how to improve my conversations and my connections with my God/Goddess. I would like to try offerings. I never did a different offering or even try to view other objects as a great offering for my God/Goddess. I did offer incense offerings but I haven’t did any other offerings since then and most of the time I think its more special if I make it. Sometimes it’s hard because in this world we are so use to taking and taking. However, our Gods/Goddesses want relationships too. They would like to be viewed as a being and not some fairy godmother or godfather that just grants wishes. Sometimes we may not like the answers we get. However, I do believe that they are looking out for our best interest.

So I went on YouTube and there is this nice lady named Molly and she gave out ideas on how to connect with our Gods/Goddesses:

Dating Personified Deity (Connection)

Not really dating your God/Goddess but the ideas are pretty nice. It gave me a new perspective on how to connect. When I connect with my God/Goddess their is actually a manifested form they come in and most of the time they come in dreams or give me short messages if I am open enough. So I wanted to share that link with you and you guys tell me how you connect with your Gods/Goddesses. Lets have a conversation about it. I really would like to know your perspective.

As Always,

Be Blessed.


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