About The Moon Enchantress

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my site of thoughts and inspirations. My name is Carmen but you can also call me Moon Enchantress. I am 25 year old spirit eclectic. I love Yoga, Green Tea and Meditation. I love reading religions text as well as engaging in philosophy books. I also love esoteric science and obtain knowledge about how the world works through observation. I like to inspire profound thoughts in others so we can engage in conversation.

I also love to learn about Chinese medicine and Tai Chi in my spare time, dance with the angels and engage in the spiritual realm. (Yes, I love Shamanism). I love trying to spread love and awareness in others; also spark a journey for others to take within themselves to meet the Divine Supreme God and Goddess.

I am a tiny drop in the deep colorful sea but I know that when the sun and moon shines on the ocean, we can see the beautiful lights that travel across the seas.

“One Candle Can Light A Million More.”

Be Blessed.